Thursday, July 28, 2005


Cork, Bend Oregon --

DH and I went to Cork last night, and once again, were so impressed with everything. This place is of such high-caliber -- it would fit right in with the acclaimed restaurants of upstate New York, or Los Angeles. I just can't get over that the chef, Greg Unruh, is self-taught. Turns out, Greg used to work down the street from Cork at Eddie's Canton Chinese. From that, to THIS? He's a genius! His partner in the restaurant, Carin Hill, is the brains and the front-of-the-house manager that makes the place run so smoothly. Don't let her fool you with her sweetness and tiny exterior, though -- the gal can drink some wine! She is so knowledgable of Cork's wine list, and always recommends the perfect vino for our meal. Chewy reds, crisp whites, and bottles not listed on the extensive wine list are stored away in her memorized wine cellar.

Cork is one of the best restaurants in the entire Northwest. It was listed in Pacific Rim Magazine as such, and I just can't believe it's found here in lil' Bend, Oregon! Try the ahi poke appetizer (served with the RARELY FOUND genuine wasabi -- only grown in Japan and Lincoln City, Oregon), or the pressed duck salad with hoisen dressing. WOW - what a treat! We noshed on two appetizers and an entree, which we washed down with a spicy Zinfandel. For dessert? Their unduplicated Creme Brulee.

Life doesn't get much better.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Blue Fish Bistro

Blue Fish Bistro, Bend Oregon --

This new restaurant is absolutely amazing. We went here last night and were just blown away by the food, service, and presentation. I found PERFECT flavors and the presentation of each dish was top notch.

First, the Ahi Firecrackers or the Seared Scallops for an appetizer, and for our entrees, the seared halibut in a lemon thyme buerre blanc and the hoisen seafood noodle bowl -- truly magnificent! I cannot say enough about this newbie to Bend. Even though we were stuffed, we overheard our neighbors moaning over their dessert, so we ordered the tiramisu.

Bottom line? It should be named "Orgasmic Tiramisu" because it was so creamy, so sweet, so perfect -- I wanted to rub it all over myself like a harlot. I had to jog twice as far this morning to work it off, but it was OH SO WORTH IT!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Kayo's Roadhouse, Bend Oregon --

I remember eating at Kayo's on the southside of Bend back in the day. It used to be considered one of the nicest restaurants in Bend, Oregon. Steak, seafood, pasta, and the best damn Bloody Mary's this side of Boston. Now it's a sports hangout with gambling addicts, chain smokers, and sticky carpets. What a shame.

Kayo's has two other locations: one on the Eastside near Costco in Bend, and the other in Redmond, smack dab downtown. I went to the Eastside Kayo's last night and met a friend in the bar for some appetizers and drinks. This place has troughs of peanuts at every door that you can fill up into a silver bucket and munch on during your visit. There are piles and piles of peanut shells all over the floor, and kids love being allowed to make a mess. The food is always decent, but nothing to get worked up about. The best thing about this restaurant is the service. Always prompt, always friendly, always accommodating. Also, the bartender, "Gravy" (I believe his real name is Shawn), is incredibly efficient and makes fantastic drinks.

I just miss the original Kayo's - when you wanted a great meal, it was the first place that popped to mind.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Red Dragon

Red Dragon Chinese, Bend Oregon --

This place just might be the best Chinese food I've had since moving to this town 15 years ago! The only problem they have is the location, which I believe lends itself to a "cheap" image. The Red Dragon is located on Hwy. 97, right in front of Wal-Mart. Yuck. And the atmosphere is one of a diner -- not a fine dining experience.

Here's the thing: When you want Chinese food, and you've got that "MMMMM, I NEED good Chinese Food" feeling in your gut, most times we immediately think of Szechuan or Chan's. The Red Dragon is fairly new (I would guess two-years-old), so it's not somewhere that comes to mind easily.

The food, however, BLOWS AWAY Chan's and Szechuan. You know it's authentic when the cooks in the (very clean!) kitchen don't speak a lick of English. The owners are always on site (I think they live above the restaurant), and so the service is very prompt and friendly.

Hubby and I went to lunch there today, and ordered two lunch entrees and two beers. The Kung Pao Tofu and the Lo Mein were excellent, and we ended up bringing home more food than we ate! We have left overs for three more meals for the two of us! Our bill was under $14, and we both agreed never to eat at Chan's or Szechuan again.

Get over the cheesy neighbors, and try the Red Dragon.

It's SPICY good!