Monday, January 23, 2006

East Bend Liquor Store

East Bend Liquor Store, Bend Oregon --

It's not fine dining, but it's certainly worth a mention. Besides, some people claim that liquor is a main food group.... The Eastside Liquor Store is the finest liquor store in Bend, with the largest selection, and the best deals to be had. Mark, the owner, takes pride in keeping his store in stock of the finest brands, and also those bottles that are hard to find. The best holiday gifts are found here, too, with your favorite brands packaged with matching glasses or shakers. Not only that, but there's all kinds of trinkets, glassware, and mixers to shop. It's not just the bare basics like most Liquor outlets in this state.

I hate going to the original location in the Wagner Mall now, and will go out of my way to visit Mark's store instead. I had to go to the Northside store just recently, and was so irritated that I left in a PMS huff. First, they didn't have my favorite rum. Then, I decided to buy something new and couldn't reach the top shelf. I asked for help, and the oily woman behind the counter rolled her eyes at me, then told me that she wasn't much taller. "Yes," I said. "But do you have a stepstool in the back that I might use?" What a pain in the ass I must have been to ask for this, because it took another five minutes to find one. Sorry to make you haul your butt into your disorganized back room to find a stool to stand on to help a customer purchase a TOP SHELF LIQUOR!!! I almost walked out without purchasing the rum, but she pulled it off the shelf and walked it over to the register herself, as if I were going to run out the door with it.

I followed her, and as she rang it up, I commented that I had to go the Eastside Liquor Store for other brands that they didn't carry. She just nodded.

I'll tell you what... if I had said that in front of Mark at the Eastside location, he would've whipped out his notepad and not only wrote down the names of those brands, but my name and phone number to contact me at when he got those bottles in stock. I was so irritated with the Wagner Mall liquor store that when I left, I swore that I would never step foot in there again, regardless of the hurry that I might be in.

So here's to Mark and his Eastside Bend Liquor Store! Keep up the great work!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the flipside, I personally HATE the east side liquor store.! The employees there are not personable - they are rude, snooty and they act like they are hot shit! I went in one day recently to get 3 things, and forgot something. I immediately went back in and they refused to allow me to buy anything else because they started some retarded rule that you can only go in there 1 time per day! I realize that it's to cut down on people buying for minore, but for God's sake, we're all human. People forget things...Come on!! It's not like I went in there to fill up on liquor again, I forgot 1 thing!! They suck! They were rude about the whole thing! DO NOT SHOP HERE!!!

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm, as i understand it 9 people work there, and all or them are rude? we all have bad days, maybe the person/s you delt with were one, maybe you were one? my/our experiences have always been fine, good music, games on tv, and great product knowledge and suggestions. everyone is entitled to their oppinion, but in this case you all should let the negative ones role off ur backs. we will be coming back again and again. thanks the good peeps

12:51 PM  

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