Saturday, January 21, 2006


Staccato's, Bend Oregon --

Alright, I'm coming around. Staccato's is finally getting their kinks worked out.

A few evenings ago, a large group of friends and I met there for drinks and appetizers, and we all were pleased with the end result.

For starters, we ordered the potato croquettes, fried zucchini spears, and bruschetta.

The Croquettes were decent - very large, with a crusty outer layer and seasoned potatoes inside, placed in a shallow dish of marinara sauce. The Zucchini spears were wonderful with a homemade batter, and fried al-dente to keep their texture and flavor. We loved the three dipping sauces, too, naming them "Red", "White" and "Green". Green was the best, with a mellow, pesto flavor. The Bruschetta was good, with melted brie, proscuitto, and pears. The brie was a bit boring, though, but typical of restaurant quality brie. I prefer my stinky cheese to be just that: stinky with tons of flavor.

While the appetizers were rated a "B", the drinks were given a "A". My Pomegrante martini was delicious, with vanilla vodka, pomegrante juice, and lemon soda. MmmMMM! We also tried the Blended Bellini's with peach schnapps and champagne, the Tuaca Sidecar, and the Italian Job. All were prepared perfectly, and served with great garnishes.

So Staccato's is now on my favorite list for meeting places in downtown Bend. The decor is comfortable, the service is prompt, and the drinks are fantastic.


Blogger shannon said...

I love their Cobb Salad -- it's huge and a steal at the price.

I went to Anthony's on Thursday and had steak and lobster for $23 too.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

at least get the dishes right when you are explaining them. the appetizer is not potato croquettes it is risotto balls in san marzano sauce, and it is not brie with the bruschetta it is cambazola

12:20 PM  
Blogger BrENDa said...

At least learn to use upper-case letters when dissing someone in writing...

AND, the menu has changed since January, and might offer something other than what I've reviewed.

I certainly know the difference between potato and risotto, as well as brie and cambozola (which you spelled incorrectly, dear).

11:15 PM  

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