Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Kayo's Roadhouse, Bend Oregon --

I remember eating at Kayo's on the southside of Bend back in the day. It used to be considered one of the nicest restaurants in Bend, Oregon. Steak, seafood, pasta, and the best damn Bloody Mary's this side of Boston. Now it's a sports hangout with gambling addicts, chain smokers, and sticky carpets. What a shame.

Kayo's has two other locations: one on the Eastside near Costco in Bend, and the other in Redmond, smack dab downtown. I went to the Eastside Kayo's last night and met a friend in the bar for some appetizers and drinks. This place has troughs of peanuts at every door that you can fill up into a silver bucket and munch on during your visit. There are piles and piles of peanut shells all over the floor, and kids love being allowed to make a mess. The food is always decent, but nothing to get worked up about. The best thing about this restaurant is the service. Always prompt, always friendly, always accommodating. Also, the bartender, "Gravy" (I believe his real name is Shawn), is incredibly efficient and makes fantastic drinks.

I just miss the original Kayo's - when you wanted a great meal, it was the first place that popped to mind.


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