Friday, July 01, 2005

Red Dragon

Red Dragon Chinese, Bend Oregon --

This place just might be the best Chinese food I've had since moving to this town 15 years ago! The only problem they have is the location, which I believe lends itself to a "cheap" image. The Red Dragon is located on Hwy. 97, right in front of Wal-Mart. Yuck. And the atmosphere is one of a diner -- not a fine dining experience.

Here's the thing: When you want Chinese food, and you've got that "MMMMM, I NEED good Chinese Food" feeling in your gut, most times we immediately think of Szechuan or Chan's. The Red Dragon is fairly new (I would guess two-years-old), so it's not somewhere that comes to mind easily.

The food, however, BLOWS AWAY Chan's and Szechuan. You know it's authentic when the cooks in the (very clean!) kitchen don't speak a lick of English. The owners are always on site (I think they live above the restaurant), and so the service is very prompt and friendly.

Hubby and I went to lunch there today, and ordered two lunch entrees and two beers. The Kung Pao Tofu and the Lo Mein were excellent, and we ended up bringing home more food than we ate! We have left overs for three more meals for the two of us! Our bill was under $14, and we both agreed never to eat at Chan's or Szechuan again.

Get over the cheesy neighbors, and try the Red Dragon.

It's SPICY good!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No poop in the fried shrimp..Really they are very nice, great service but who wants poop served in they're kinda makes me wonder about the rest...

8:44 PM  

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