Tuesday, January 31, 2006

DiLusso Bakery, Bend Oregon

DiLusso Bakery, Bend Oregon --

I love bread, so therefore, I love DiLusso. There are many pop-up bakeries in town now, each pitching their own take on bread, each proclaiming itself to be the best, and yet none can compare to DiLusso Bakery.

DiLusso began in Bend in the early 90's, with the orginal owners selling their loaves door to door to downtown restaurant owners. I remember Kim, one of the owners, pregnant out to HERE, hauling a big basket of baguettes on Wall Street. She offered me a taste, and broke off a tip of a loaf that was just pulled out from an oven somewhere. I told her it was some of the best bread I'd ever had, and I wasn't just trying to be nice to the little woman with the big belly and big basket of bread.Since then, DiLusso has made a name for itself, and is now served in all of the fine dining establishments in Central Oregon. It is also sold at Newport Avenue Market and Wild Oats Market, alongside other vendors loaves. It amazes me that someone would choose the La Brea Bakery loaf, or the Village Baker loaf over a DiLusso Baguette or Ciabatta. Once you try a DiLusso brand, you'll understand.DiLusso has a retail outlet as well, located on Galveston Avenue up the street from the Westside Cafe. Fresh, homemade soups, delicious sandwiches, big salads, and free wireless internet, along with a full coffee bar makes this location my favorite. Try the Kalamata Olive Ciabatta, the original baguette, or the Rosemary pull-aparts if you're taking a loaf home. The house-made desserts are awesome, too.

This is the devil's playground, kids, not for the weary at heart or the Atkin's faithful. Splurge a little! You only live once, and if I had a final meal, DiLusso bread would be a part of it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HORRIBLE SERVICE!! Bitter Bad Attitude!! Get this, I spend on average $1,300 a year at DiLusso Bakery in Bend, and today the owner (Short, dark hair, in her 50’s) told me, "Don't come here anymore!" She has the worst business skills I have encountered since a taco stand in college. My Story: I purchase a Mocha with toasted marshmallow flavor almost every day of the year. Last week they were all out of this flavor, so I tried something else. They promised to buy more. A few days later they told me they bought more toasted marshmallow syrup, so I ordered. It turned out that they lost it, they said they couldn't find it. They looked everywhere. No luck, the owner said I would need to order something else, and I did. I also slid her a $20 bill across the counter and asked her to buy more toasted marshmallow syrup. This was my contribution to them re-stocking, my tip in advance, for them buying my flavor for next time. (My way of showing I seriously need them to re-stock that flavor) She tried to give the $20 back, but I insisted she keep it, and suggested she just stock the flavor again. Today the owner met me out in front before I got to the door and quickly handed me a $20 bill, and said, “Don’t come back here anymore!” and walked back in. … It was unbelievable! I guess I’m going to get my coffee somewhere else. I recommend people stay away from Dilusso Bakery in Bend! I’d be happy to give $1,300 a year to Thump or Lone Pine, wouldn’t you?

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