Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pizzicato, Bend Oregon

Pizzicato, Bend Oregon --

Pizzicato is here, and it's good. If you love a true thin-crust pizza, crusty and crunchy, you'll love Pizzicato. If you're a thick-crust, Chicago-style pizza person, well, get lost. Chicago-style lovers don't belong here. :o) Alright, maybe if you're FROM Chicago you can appreciate deep pan pizza, but everyone else has to love thin, crunchy crusts.

Pizzicato has opened in the Pizza Shmitza location in the Ray's Foodplace Shopping Center on Bend's Westside. Terrible location, but if they can get enough people to try their offerings, they'll do fine. Their pizzas are unique and varied, and a bit spendy. Click here for their menu

While I love their pizzas, I can't wait to try the panini sandwiches. Their salads are huge and delicious as well. I've tried the pear and blue cheese salad, and it blew Crouton's similar fare out of the water!

Arugula Pear Salad $4.00
Slice of Cheese $2.00
Pelligrino Water $1.50
Bill $7.50
Tip Jar $2.50

Total for lunch $10.00


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