Friday, October 28, 2005


Crouton's, Bend Oregon --
Lunch today was from Crouton's, a new eaterie on the Westside of Bend. Crouton's specializes in SALADS, and also serves fresh paninis (grilled sandwiches) and homemade soups.

I love the premise of Crouton's -- fast and fresh, big crunchy salads with tons of goodies on every bite of lettuce. I've had lunch from Crouton's about three times since they've opened, and have been satisfied on every visit. I'm not very impressed with their signature "Crouton's" though. You have to pay extra to have them on your salad, and each time I've ordered them, I've thought to myself that they were too hard, lacking flavor, and not worth the extra buck.

Today I ordered the Pear & Bleu Cheese Salad which is self-described with candied walnuts and a "poppyseed vinagrette". More like a "Vinegar Vinegrette".... this salad was so pungent with vinegar it made my eyes water. My nose starting running, and the wine vinegar began to make me involunatrily choke like something were tickling the back of my tonsils. Nice.

I found a paper towel in the lunchroom here at work, and placed it in the bowl with the lid on and shook the salad up and down as hard as I could. It soaked up most of the dressing, but then I still had to add some water and repeat this action a few times to absorb the rest of the vinegar flavor.

I finished my watery, bruised salad and learned a valuable lesson:

Order my dressings on the side.

Salad: $6.45
Tip Jar: $1.00


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