Thursday, October 06, 2005

Papa's Pizza

Papa's Pizza, Bend Oregon --

Papa's Pizza SUCKS unless you have kids -- That, or if you have it delivered.

The restaurant itself is built around having kids, and boasts a gi-normous kids playland with slides, ladders, balls.... and hundreds of screaming children.


Anyway, if you have kids, God Bless you, and this is the place for you. Good pizza, a decent salad bar, and BUDWEISER on tap.

If you're at home and order delivery? Muchos Betteros. The pizza is overloaded with toppings, the crust is thin and homemade (with that cool flour residue that ends up on your fingers), and the sauce is made with great herbs. Just ask for extra sauce....

Total: $21.00
Tip: $4.00
Total: $25.00


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. The pizza is pretty darned good for how awful the restaurant itself is. Too many screaming children.

7:03 PM  

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