Tuesday, October 04, 2005

D & D

The D&D --

Here we go. How do I go about reviewing the "D" (as it's affectionately called by the locals) and still maintain my reputation of a self-proclaimed restaurant critic?

How about this? The D & D is Bend's oldest and most notorious restaurant / bar, and a true Bend resident can't be called a local until they've ingested the wares here.


I remember my 21st birthday, going into the "D", and ordering breakfast and a Bloody Mary. I downed all of the deep fried morsels that they put in front of me, half of my very stiff vodka tomato juice, then went home reeking of smoke and suffering from my first "old person" bout of heartburn.

Last night was a rerun, only over a decade later. DH and I went to dinner at the new "O'Kane's Steak and Chop House" (see other blog entry for that review), and met up with friends at the "D" to finish watching the end of the Monday night football game.

The "D" is an old, diner style restaurant, with an open line kitchen, cigarette-smoking servers, and more food than you can eat. If you're a non-smoker, GET USED TO IT! I don't smoke, so for me to go into this establishment takes either idiocy or about four cocktails.

We ordered two beers from the very friendly bartender, and sat down to watch the game. Despite the reputation, this bar has very cordial folks hanging out at the bar, and the beers are cold (and CLEAN!). We didn't order anything to eat due to our earlier dinner engagement, but watched the food come out of the kitchen and I can comment that the portions were large, the plates well presented, and the diners seemed to enjoy everything very much.

Towards the end of the football game, we snuck out early and walked home. Prior to walking into the house, however, we both stripped naked in the garage to leave our smoke-ridden clothes outside, and went straight to the shower to rinse the cigarette residue off of our bodies and out of our hair.

Yes. Together. The large shots of liquor probably contributed to the friskiness of our nicotine disgust, but who's complaining?

And no, I won't go into more detail. This is a restaurant review blog, not an adult blog you Naughty, Naughty reader!

Who would've thunk that this place would have a website, but here it is! Club D&D from Bend, Oregon

Tab: $18.00
Tip: $5.00
Total: $23.00


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