Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Taco Time? What???

Taco Time, Bend Oregon --

Fantastico! I hate to even bother this blog with a fast food restaurant, but Taco Time next to Fred Meyer on Hwy. 97 is now my favorite junk food! Their burritos are friggen amazing! For two bucks, I got a three-pound burrito filled with fresh ingredients and enough sour cream to actually notice it was in there. It even had sunflower seeds! The green sauce that came with it was mediocre, but the red sauce was awesome! We were on our way out to float the Deschutes River from the Sunriver bridge to the marina, and had to get something super-quick on the way. We stopped at the atrociously-painted Taco Time (Red, Green, Yellow, and puke-y Orange) and I was worried. I figured I'd end up drinking too much beer on an empty belly and sleep it off as soon as we got home. Hogwash! After eating this double pound burrito, I was satisfied until the next morning, and still truly liked the memory of eating it -- whereas usually the meal the day before a float trip is unmemorable. Good stuff.


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