Thursday, October 20, 2005

Astro Lounge

The Astro Lounge, Bend Oregon --

The Astro Lounge is located on NW Minnesota Avenue in Bend, Oregon. This place is the epitome of "Super Cool", and is the perfect place to meet, greet and join new or old friends. The bar is super chic, with the bar seating about 10 people. The tables on the main floor seat maybe another 30, and then upstairs? Ohhhhh, if you are able to sit in the coveted upstairs lounge, prepare for pamper, as the darkened corners boast leather or velvet sofas, hip solo chairs, and balcony seating on regular tables.

DH and I met there this evening, and a co-worker of mine joined us. We sat upstairs in the pink velvet loveseat corner, and felt priveleged to be there. It was happy hour, so lemon drops are three bucks, and three choices of 5oz. martinis are only five bucks. I ordered a house-infused pineapple rum mai-tai, and my DH and friend ordered beers. How boring. The menu boasts dozens of fancy schmancy martinis and house-infused liquor cocktails, and they go for beer. Lame.

My Mai-Tai was sweet and tropical, and too much for another. Our food arrived: Gouda Cheese Fondue served with fresh broccoli crowns, thinly sliced bread, and sliced tomatoes, and we also ordered the buttermilk-battered onion rings. YUM! The fondue was better than the stuff pushed at Vino Mercato, but I'd rather have a better quality of bread with the Astro Lounge's choice. Maybe a DiLusso baguette, or even a lightly grilled Sysco brand -- the plain bread was boring. The onion rings were fat, not greasy, and full of flavor.

For our second round of drinks, I went with the Key Lime Pie martini, and I must say, it's the BEST KEY LIME MARTINI I've ever had!!! The bartender shook that bad boy so HARD it was pure froth, and the rim was dipped in sweet/sour lime juice and a fine graham cracker crust. YUM! Super good, and highly recommended.

For the final libation, I asked the server to bring me whatever was her fave. I was brought the "Anestasia" martini, which is made from Raspberry Stoli, something else, something else, and something else. Remember, I just had it an hour ago, so I won't remember what was in it, just that it was fantastico!

I love the Astro Lounge, and would always regard the establishment as a place to meet clients or friends for libations, appetizers, or just for a stop in downtown Bend while bar-hopping.


Total: $50.50
Tip: $13.00
Total: 63.50


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