Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thai On The Fly

Thai on the Fly, Bend Oregon --

For lunch today, I enjoyed a relative newcomer to the area, Thai on the Fly in Bend.

Thai on the Fly is kind of creepy if you haven't been there before. It's the white trailer sitting next to the Quick Lube place on Greenwood Avenue, across from the (ghetto) Sentry Market.

At first glance, one might think the trailer to be serving up mystery meat and sugar water, and then you notice the line of cars.

It was the line of cars that made me question the food quality -- if THAT many people are waiting to get Thai food to-go, then there must be something to it.

Boy was I right. Again. It's so hard being right all of the time.........

Back to the review:

The whiteboard menu with scribbled offerings is somewhat limited, but yet diverse enough to please a wide customer range. I ordered the Massaman Tofu Curry and was promptly given THREE samples of other dishes to try while I waited. The lady that runs the place is definitely from the homeland, and pushed samples and a beaming smile upon me so fast and so furiously, that before I knew it I had ordered enough food for five people! The gal should be in sales, I tell you!

The Massaman Curry was wonderful -- hot and tasty with cooked potatoes, firm tofu, carrots, large onion pieces and a lemon-grass coconut broth over a true sticky white rice. I wish it were a bit more dramatic in it's presentation, but that's just me being snobby about take-out. I love dining indoors with fancy dishes and their garnishes. I also had their veggie spring rolls in rice paper wraps which were absolutely fantastic! Cruncy and clean-tasting, dipped in the Thai Peanut Sauce or the Sweet/Sour dip -- they were a pleasant complement to my rich, creamy lunch dish. Lunch was $5.50, and the Spring Rolls were an additional $2.75. Not bad....

Thai on the Fly is a great place to run through for a fast, delicious lunch, and I will definitely add it to my list of fast food options.

Tab: $13.75
Tip: $5.00
Total: $18.75


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