Thursday, October 27, 2005


Shoji's, Bend Oregon --

We went to Shoji's for sushi again -- I know it doesn't sound glamorous, but this place has fantastic sushi!

The Keiska roll is made with tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, crab, and topped with a very generous portion of tobiko. It's our favorite. We also had the Hashimotosan stuffed with tuna, cucumber, and spicy sauce, and topped with Unagi and fresh avocado. YUM! The Maguro (fresh tuna) sushi was delicious, and the edamame was firm, hot, and salty. The two guys that roll the sushi are Charlie (tall white guy with a dry sense of humor and a contagious smile) and "Sam". Sam is the head chef who always greets everyone in this Japanese restaurant with a friendly and loud "OLA AMIGOS!" -- he's also got a rubber-band gun made out of chopsticks shoved in his back belt, so be warned if you bring kids that don't behave. Another cool point about Shoji's sushi bar is that they have a small TV bolted in the upper corner, so if there's a good game on and you really want highlights while eating something OTHER than pub fare, here ya go!

I could pay three times the price and eat at Kanpai, but why? The quality of the food, and the friendliness of the staff makes me a believer in Shoji's sushi bar.

Gracias, amigo!

3 large sushi rolls (six to eight pieces)
2 maguro nigiri pieces
bowl of edamame
2 beers
Bill: $34
Tip: $8
Total: $42


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